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in the rouge betty rouge series by simone springer

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Book 1: In the Rouge

Franka’s store ‘La Femme’ is failing. All hope seems lost, until she finds a new clothing brand by Betty Rouge; a famous burlesque performer and pin-up star. 

Betty flies from LA to promote her brand but with none of her stock in sight, Franka starts to realise Betty isn't what she seems. Will Franka figure out what's really going on, before it's too late? 

What happens when a shy introvert meets a self-obsessed star with nothing left to lose. A story about self-discovery and an unlikely friendship. 

Book 2 : Going Rouge

A lot has changed for Franka since meeting Betty Rouge, world famous burlesque dancer and pin up model. Franka has gone from failing store owner to worldwide distributor for the Betty Rouge label.

Franka is preparing to launch the new line of Betty Rouge clothing line with the all-important Fashion Week when it becomes clear something is alarmingly wrong with Betty. Franka has no choice but to fly to LA to find out what: What is Betty hiding? Can Franka work it out before it’s too late?

Secrets don’t like being kept hidden and with Jeff noticeably absent, Franka will discover as always with Betty and in life, things aren’t always what they seem.